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and other files to their Web site, how to set up and administer their e-mail and FTP accounts, and generally how to use their Control Panel to activate and administer site features.

We have, therefore, implemented what we term our “No Hassle Web Hosting.”  If we host your Web site, we do everything for you – domain name, site setup, file uploads, e-mail, even updates and more.  All you need to do is call us or send an e-mail and explain what you want done.

If you decide to host elsewhere, we can still design your Web site for you!

To see our low prices visit our Prices page.

Check out our Samples page to view our work.

Mac Enterprises has been the recognized Macintosh computer specialist in the Montgomery, Alabama area since 1996.

Mac Enterprises began developing Web sites after our Web designer ceased teaching Web design courses for Troy University in Montgomery, Alabama.  He taught a series of Web courses for several years until the University discontinued their Web Design minor.

Mac Enterprises is known for offering professionally designed Web sites at affordable prices.  We are able to do this because we have managed to keep our overhead costs low.

Through the years, we have recognized that many clients are unaware of how to modify their Web pages, how to upload HTML