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A typical Web site may consist of a Home page, About Us, Products or Services, Contacts, FAQs, Feedback or a Guest Book.  Many of the newer Web sites on the World Wide Web are including a Privacy Policy and/or a Terms of Use page as well.

Our Web sites are tested to run on at least five Web browsers on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Unlike other Web design firms who have set prices for different Web site “packages,” we merely charge for each page (HTML file) we create.  This method usually saves the customer money over preset, inflexible packages.  In addition, this allows a customer on a tight budget to start small, then add additional pages at any time, at the same cost per page.

Our price per page ranges from $35.00 to $55.00.  Some pages obviously require more effort than others, therefore $40.00 per page is an average price.  An estimated cost for a Web site can be easily determined – merely determine the number of pages needed and multiply by $40.00.

Web Site Design

We offer a Web Presence deal that consists of a single Web page, with domain name and hosting for one year for $125.00.

See next page for Domain Name and Web Hosting prices.