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We can create a custom five-page Web site, including domain name, e-mail, hosting and more, for as low as $499.00 for the first year.  (Five Web pages @ $40.00 per page + domain name + one-time account set-up fee + one-year “No Hassle Hosting.”)  Note: if you already have your own domain name you will not need to pay our domain name fee.

Subsequent years would only require domain name renewal ($15.00 per year, unless you have registered your domain name elsewhere) and “No Hassle Hosting” ($250.00 per year).

Thee are three fees associated with new hosting accounts:

Domain name: $19.00 per year

One-time hosting account set-up fee: $30.00

Web hosting: $250.00 per year

With our “No Hassle Web Hosting,” we do everything for you – domain name, site setup, file uploads, e-mail, even updates and more.  All you need to do is call us or send an e-mail and explain what you want done.

Each hosting account comes with unlimited e-mail addresses in addition to counselling and answering questions regarding Web site usage and promotion.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

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